The world sleeps not

The world sleeps not

Either in anger or rot

It stays awake to see the end

The end of itself?

Rather the end of us all

When we are no more

It’s rot and wrath will stall

Whichever comes first

The world sleeps not in wait

For whatever comes early or late


Time Up!

TIME UP – How Hard is it to Understand?


Addressing an almost divided nation at this material time in Hausa is insensitive of Mr. President.

I don’t think President Buhari has good advisers who have the interest of the nation and the success of his administration at heart.

PMB never misses any opportunity to further destroy what is already damaged considering how his attempts to salvage situations often backfire on his administration.

The Nigeria budget size question is:

“How long will it take Nigerians to understand that PMB’s holding on to power is not patriotic of him since he is incapacitated by his ill health to serve as President and Commander in Chief?”

What is the definition of incapacitation if I may ask? He doesn’t have the physical strength and mental agility to carry on as President except we just want to carry on like this to satisfy sectional politics and ethnic power play.

I understand many people will say, he is saying this because he is Yoruba and the Vice President who should take over from PMB is Yoruba. I don’t play ethnic politics and for the purpose of clarity, I believe it is the devil that has bewildered us as a Nation.

Nigerians must help Mr. President to come to that decision by outrightly telling him that:

” We love him, we trust him, we believe he has great plans for Nigeria but his health and wellbeing is important to him and his family and we will encourage him to step aside in the interest of the country”

We need to be wise, no nation develops on sentiments. We must actively engage our resources through visionary and ACTIVE leadership to get out of our current economic, social, political quagmire.

Nigeria can be great and will be great.

Olakunle Ajayi is a Grant Management Expert | International Development Expert | Community Mobilizer & Influencer

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Oyo State Branch inaugrates new chapters

Our alumni association continues her steady walk to greatness as the Oyo state branch inaugurates new chapters. It will be recalled that the National Executive of the association had promised to ensure a vibrant association that will be a platform for all alumnus of the Federal College of Education Special to relate on social and professional levels on ways to strengthen the chord that binds us by giving back to our alma mater. That was not to be an easy task.

The first major challenge was the fact that in more than 30 years of her existence the association does not have a template to fall back on. Against all odds, the National executive, guided by the existing constitution, inaugurated the premier branch on September 24th 2016. The new branch keyed into the spirit and purpose of the National executive and on the 1st of October, 2016 the Iseyin chapter of the association was inaugurated amidst funfair.

Truth be told, it is not easy appealing to people’s sense of commitment to a not-for-profit cause in the midst of recession. This notwithstanding, the Oyo state branch inaugurated the Oyo West and Atiba Local Governments chapters on the 14th of January at the Ultimate Events Centre, Oyo. This clearly shows the enduring spirit of commitment that the college impacts on her products.

These bold steps have been a source of challenge to all that have that deep cravings to give back to the society and especially the college that made them.

Plans are underway to inaugurate branches across the South-West before the middle of the year. So, if you are an alumnus anywhere in Nigeria or in diaspora, call on other alumnus around and lets get it started near you.

Long live our Alma mater.

Being Busayo – 3

I confessed to Caro and told her my fear. She scolded me never to keep such away from her. “Busayo, you are like a family to me, I tell you everything. No dey keep such things from me. Or you think sey I go collect your boyfriend?” We laughed over it and she took me to one of Emma’s friend who ran a chemist. I was very shy and ashamed as Caro narrated my ordeal to him. To make me feel relaxed Eno told me how he lost his virginity at a brothel. He lamented how the lady was busy playing snake on her Nokia 1100 while he toiled pitifully to satisfy his lust. The embarrassing thing wasn’t his ability to impact the woman sexually but the embarrassment that followed. As he made to sneak out of the brothel the ashawo called on him to come and pick his pants, he ran away without looking back. I felt relaxed as we laughed over it. He gave me some drugs saying he was not sure I was pregnant as by his calculation of my last menstruation I should be in my safe period. Indeed, I was or the drug was effective because I saw my menstruation later that month. I had learned a terrible lesson and decided I was never going to fall into any man’s bed without my head.

Some months to my freedom I decided to visit my mother’s family somewhere in Osun state. I had never been there so I decided to leave early but it was one of those Fridays when Redeemed Church had their monthly programme so I was stuck in traffic for more than six hours. We were told MFM too had program on the same day. I had calculated that I would be in Ede latest by 2 pm but I was in the static traffic until 6pm. I got to Ede after ten and by then my Nokia phone was dead. I had managed the phone Caro gave me hoping it would last me for about eight hours, of course it did but I was late. I showed the address I was given to some people and realized where I was going was outside Ede and there was no vehicle going that direction for the night. A bike man volunteered to take me round town to see if I could get bus at other parks, his efforts were futile. It became obvious I must find a place to pass the night then the bike man volunteered that I follow him home and stay with his sister. He spoke a lot about trust and how people have betrayed it. He told me incidents of missing people later found with missing body parts around the area. I was suspicious of his offer but the thought of been kidnapped in a strange town was more scary, I decided to follow him to his family.

We got to his place at almost midnight and almost everybody in the house was asleep. He introduced me to the old woman that opened the main door to us and told her I would be spending the night because I could not get a bus going to my destination. The woman welcomed me warmly and asked if I would like to eat anything but I declined. He took me to a room which he said belonged to his sister but there was no one in the room. It was a dimly lit room with a medium size bed on the floor. I was so tired and he asked whether I needed several things which I declined- a bath, cover cloth, food, water, everything. He bid me sweet dreams and left. I must have fallen asleep immediately I lay on the bed because I could not remember anything I did after he left until deep in the night or towards dawn when I felt someone touching me or should I say caressing me.

I turned and rose up in fear. Several things came to my head in those split seconds; are they preparing me for a sacrifice or the bike guy whose name I have decided to forget was trying to rape or lure me into sex? The latter was obvious. My weakened nerves were forced into top gear in a few seconds…


HAPPY NEW YEAR. It shall be a year of prosperity and surplus for us and our nation. Everything shall work together for our good and we will be happy in the new year.

Thanks for your support in the past years I hope you keep it up as we both hope to enjoy greater muse and beautiful writing in the new year. I will be featuring more writers on diverse topics and areas of interest in the new year. You can send in your write-up or contributions to me via or, and be sure you will reach our teeming population of readers.

Being Busayo 2

busayo-2I had seen Caro kissed her boyfriend several times but I never knew what pleasure ran through the duo. Before I could put my thoughts together Jide already had my young breast in his mouth and I was totally lost in the moment, I could not believe the sound that was coming out of my mouth. There was a great rush of blood towards my belly button and in between my thighs- nobody could have described that to me. When he decided to remove my dress I had lost every iota of restrain and I was naked on the bed totally at Jide’s mercy.

I managed to stop him as he made to remove his boxer short ‘Jide, I have never done this before’ he smiled and reassured me it won’t hurt. “You know I am doing this because I love you” he said with dreamy and ostensibly reassuring eyes. I believed him, I thought if I became Jide’s wife it would be a thing of pride to have such an intelligent husband and a loving in-law like Esther. Jide brought out his manhood and gently attempted to enter me. It was not painful at the start maybe because I had become a pool of release or he was gentle. When he was fully inside me and started to jerk furiously it became very painful and I sensed he bruised me but the pleasure overrode all sense and feelings of pains. After a while Jide became frantic as if he had an epileptic attack but it did not last as I felt warm stream of fluid flew straight into my body. We were both covered in sweat and he kissed me over and over, I felt like a married woman.

When I stood up from the bed the cover was stained in blood, mine. I was scared, Jide has injured me, I thought. I got dressed and rushed out of the building heading straight for our house to clean up. As I was going to the bathroom, having changed to a wrapper, I saw my aunt. What was she doing at home at that time?

I fetched a big bucket of water to wash my body and the soiled underwear which I wrapped into a ball along with my sponge and soap. As I was about entering the bathroom my aunt stopped me. I was frightened to death at a loss of what excuse to put up. The slight pain I was feeling between my legs intensified and I thought I felt a little dizzy.

“What are you doing at home at this time and what is that in your…” she paused and smiled wryly as she peered into the content of the bowl. “So, you have started menstruating?” she asked rhetorically. I kept quiet as a wave of relief flushed through me. “Is that your first?” I nodded my head in answer. So much for a mother, it was more than a year since I had started menstruating and she was just noticing by a coincidence, a sweet one for me though. My aunt began a long lesson on the importance of menstruating and hit me a late blow.

“Now you are a woman and you need to take better care of yourself. You must guide your virginity jealously. Don’t let any nuisance take your pride. You must preserve yourself for the right man, a worthy man. Once any riff raff sleeps with you like this, you will become second hand. And once you lose it that’s the end” she ranted on.

It was quite an irony that my first lesson on virginity and a woman’s pride came belatedly; if she had said that earlier that morning maybe I would have resisted Jide’s sexual advances.  I went to the bathroom relieved on two fronts; one, my aunt did not get to know I had sex, two, I just lost my virginity to an intelligent boy that promised to marry me.


Caro was a Calabar girl and we were both apprentice at the shop. I was her senior by four years although she was older. I was her accomplice and adopted sister while she was my confidant. She told me most of the things I knew about men and their ways. I usually accompany her whenever she was going to visit her boyfriend, Emma. Caro loved Emma so much but I disliked him, especially because he was a butcher. Maybe because of his kind of job, he kept a retinue of rough friends always smoking and with booze. I endured his presence and personality just because of Caro. It was always irritating whenever I watched her kiss him unashamedly in my presence, but I never showed it.

Caro deserved every iota of dedication she got from me; she always showered me with gifts and stuffs I needed. She was the first to know when I started menstruating and she got me sanitary pads and put me through on how to take care of myself. My aunt only got to know I was of age after I’ve had my first sexual experience. Caro was my big sister, always protecting me from marauding eyes and uncouth tongues of Emma’s friends who lusted after me endlessly anytime we went to visit him. Her protection gave me the assurance to follow her anywhere and she never for once let me down; indeed, friends are God’s way of making up for bad family. Friends or families, you can only be as close to anyone as much as they would allow you and as much as you would allow them. Although I was very close and shared everything with Caro, I never mentioned to her that I had sex with Jide when I got to work on Monday.

After work on Monday I went to Jide’s house but he was not in so I sat with Esther as she did her homework. “Hmmm… They said Jide impregnated someone” she dropped the news on me without a prior notice. I did not know what to say or do at the news; my hand went straight to my tummy as if I was the one he got pregnant. My mind raced crazily over the events of the last three days, nobody knew we had sex but I quickly recomposed myself and said “impregnated someone…who?” The words rolled out cautiously as I did not want Esther to sense my unease and raise any suspicion. She relayed how the family of a JSS3 girl had come to the house with the news that Jide was responsible for the 4 month old pregnancy of their daughter. I felt bile rise in me and I could feel it in my dried mouth. I struggled to conceive my seething anger and disappointment. “a worthy man that loves you…” those words rang in my head severally almost to the point of migraine. “Just be careful with him, don’t let him have sex with you o” Esther advised. Her advice, in fact every words of advice I had in the last three days to that time were belated. I was very angry with myself but much more at Jide. It was getting dark and a good excuse to take my leave, Esther offered to see me off but I declined, I needed time to myself. As I walked home the slight pain I was feeling between my legs was amplified to a searing proportion by the news, I just lost my valued possession to an unworthy man…I prayed silently that my torment wouldn’t go beyond the present personal pains and disappointment to public ridicule if I got pregnant. Only Caro could help me out, I must confess…

Being Busayo

busayoMy dad and mum were not in the best moods as always, but they had to switch it to accommodate the figment of happiness that my end of year result brought to the family. I finished top of my class again, it was becoming a routine, yet a thing of joy for my father, especially. My mother was growing increasingly frustrated at him; I could not put my finger at what exactly was the cause, maybe because of my age. The only thing I was sure of then was that anytime there was a fight and extended family members needed to intervene, my mother was never right, she had no supporter among her in-laws, I did not understand why.

By the time I wrote my common entrance examination into the secondary school my mother had packed out of the house and the family did not allow her to leave with me, so I lived with my father. Two months after she left, I lost my mother to a brief illness, or so they said. It was a difficult time for me, but I never knew it was the beginning of a tortuous journey of life. After few months, my father decided that I should move in with his younger sister so that I would have a motherly care. Can anyone replace one’s mother no matter how much they try, if they ever try at all?

While the imbroglio of divorce and my mother’s death lasted I had missed the admission for the year. My aunt promised to enroll me into a nearby secondary school the following year while I became an unpaid house-girl running all errands for the family. All her children were in school and it was my duty to fetch water for them so that they won’t get late for school and I must ensure their lunch was ready before they return. It was nothing to me because I thought I would join them the following session, I never did.

The following year I went to the school close to us to make inquiry and I was told I would need #2, 400 for my registration. My aunt promised to give me the money but she never did until the admission for the year ended. People, especially her customers, noticed how good I was at reading and started asking why I was not enrolled in school. Her usual response was to put the blame on my dead mother but that refused to fly after a while so she decided to enroll me with a tailor down our street. That was the path I followed until I became a woman, even now.

I learnt tailoring for six years, not because I was a slow learner but my aunt felt I should stayed with my boss till I was of age to take care of myself. All the while I tried to improve myself the little I can, building on my primary school foundation via pedestrian learning from friends and customers. I would try to read an unfamiliar word and someone would correct me when I was wrong. Very few people could tell I was not in school whenever I was amidst my friends who were in various secondary schools then. I did all what they did, socially and I was not a burden to them financially because my boss started paying me pittance after few years. I funded ideas that would guarantee I was part of the girls. I sew their cloth free of charge, which made me have a sizeable number of educated friends in the area. I had toasters, received and wrote love letters and had a boyfriend.

My best friend was Esther, we attended the same primary school and she knew I was not a poor student. We visited each other daily, either I was at her place or she was at my shop. Esther has an older brother, Jide who was two years ahead of her in school. We were all friends but Jide was more outgoing and brilliant. He asked me out when he was about writing his SSCE and Esther was in SS 1, but I declined. I did not have any personal reasons to reject his offer because Jide was handsome and intelligent but I did not want it to jeopardize my relationship with Esther which I valued more than any love affair. Esther did not have a boyfriend then too, so it was like ‘our thing’, though consolatory because Esther used to envy other girls’ boyfriends in their absence.

Nevertheless, I agreed that Jide and I could keep a subtle, unspoken love affair. He would hold my hand whenever Esther was not on sit. He once tried to kiss me but I found it very irritating at first. He would gist with me and tell me his plans for the university and his ambitions, all these fascinated me endlessly and I loved being in his company. Esther sensed our closeness and warned Jide to keep off me. I would smile and tell her I could not date Jide because we are more like a family.

One fateful day, Jide told me to come to their house in the morning time when her mum would have gone to her store and Esther to school. Jide had a small room to himself; it was meant to be the visitor’s room for their families from the village who seldom visit and their grandpa who owned the 20-room building. So, the room was fairly made up with a big bed, rug and necessary electronics. It was a luxury giving the cost of rent in the area. I got to the house around 10.30 am since I did not have much to do at the shop. I was dressed in a free yard gown and maybe I should quickly add that I had become a very beautiful girl then with well-developed breasts and a shape I inherited from my mother. I got compliments from men of every age everyday but I stuck with my decision not to date anyone.

Jide was expecting me, I guessed he put some touches of neatness into the room as the bed was well laid and the room was generally tidy. He welcomed me like a gentleman with a warm hug that was so brief I even wished it would last a little longer. He sat very close to me on the bed and my heart was racing because I did not know what to expect. Jide wrapped his right arm around my waist as we spoke and I was enveloped by a great discomfort. A generous amount of moisture was forming between my thighs and I was scared I would soak my pant. As I turned to utter some words of objection to the position we were, his mouth met mine and he kissed me passionately, I could not resist him. It was as if he was sucking life out of me as my whole frame collapsed on him, he carefully laid me on the bed as we continued kissing…