Nigerian Politics and the Agbömolà syndrome

You gibe birth to a beautiful baby girl that look so much like your grandma that is still a beau in her old age and you feel very proud. This is a good stalk! Then she has fever, sick and looks as if she would die. Pause! You are learned, at least you can read and write with at least a Secondary school cert. You have some nurses and doctor friend. But someone said ” Ah, fair skinned babies like this could be an abiku, you better take her to the Agbömölà”. You agree. tribal mark.jpg
At the herbalist’s house, you are confronted with stuffs you are not convenient with, odours that turn your tummy, paraphernalia that gets you thinking of idolatry. But, your beautiful daughter is sick.
The man requests for the baby and you hand her over. He looks at her and decided within split seconds what to do. While you watch in anticipation, he brings out a small sharp knive dips it in a concussion and before you could say *subsidy* he marks your baby on the face. Not once, but severally on each side of the cheek. The baby girl is crying, writhing in pain as the man adds some more black mixture on the sore. “Se e ti dá abé fun omo yi? He asks. Rara baba! He quickly lays the baby on the board and withing few minutes he mutilates the girl. More pain, some to last few days and others to last a life time
I ponder and wonder what Nigerian politics is and what it should be, I don’t know!!! But I do know we are not the first nation to practice democracy. But, while we rejoice in the birth of our beautiful democracy, it developed sickness like the baby in the analogy above. So, who did we run to? We forgot ours wasn’t the first and we handed over the baby to butchers or can we claim they snatch it from us? We reverted to the Agbömölà, those we felt had the messianic abilities. They cut the baby, bled it and mutilated it until it’s libido for democratic value and dividends was completely deadened And everything becomes a miracle. The Agbömölàs have cut their teeth on that first experiment and have grown in audacity. If a Baby dies in their custody, such is an Abiku. Their methods are not questionable. The funny trend now is that they have started experimenting with phalus of learned practitioners.
The first and second Republican experiences exposed our gullibility as a nation. People peddled lies and fabricated half-truths around religious and ethnic issues and we bought into it. Mediocres tested the waters and realised we are a mirage, we have neither depth nor width. So, they plunder us, they build system around their values and structures to protect themselves. People who couldn’t boast of a business before joining politics are now National, State and Local leaders – we know they mutilate our commonwealth, yet we sit and look as if helpless. tribal-mark8nWe praise them to high heavens while our prayers struggle daily to reach such height as we have placed them.
Their Agbömölà has marked us once, now we have taken it as a tribal mark, a family pride, a norm. We say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we know deep down that this mark tells of our folly.


#InternationalWomenDay –

It was International Women’s Day and I pondered if everyday shouldn’t be to celebrate this wonderful species of humans. I can’t imagine what the world would be without you. Little wonder the second baffling thing to God after the darkness abinitio was the pathetic sight man was without a companion. The only way the Most High felt He could help the case of man was via the creation of women.
Two things came to my mind as I ruminated on significance of #InternationalWomensDayOne, women should never fail in their divine mandate of killing boredom. Men may try, but I tell you women hold the ace to making the world a fun place to be. From the kitchen to the boardroom and eventually the bedroom, it’s all boring affair without the women. Think of it. No culture can survive without the women. Have you ever heard a father-tongue before? Can any religion survive that is not embraced by women. Asides Peter, the only human assured of place in the gospel was that woman that perfumed Jesus’ feet. They are the secret to peace and war. Imagine what could have forged a lasting alliance between Ganduje and Ajimobi or led to sack of powerful ministers and commissioners? Women, at whatever stage in life, I hail them!!!
Secondly, I wondered what these people think of themselves. It’s one thing to value someone but a different thing for the person to appreciate/understand his/her own value. Do these people value themselves? Of cause several do, but a greater percentage does not. During Goodluck Jonathan’s regime there were so many female ministers and women in power that one would think a female president was in the offing. These women were fiercely tested and I make bold to say they stood the test of their time. So, why are there no more critical mass of female leaders in the country? A look at Nigeria presently will tell you that what we lack is a touch of passion; compassion that only a woman/mother can guarantee. I feel this discomfort every time Aishat Buhari laments. This pang is so intense yet detached such that only a woman can understand. So, where are the mothers? Where are those that wept when the Chibok girls were kidnapped? Where are the women that dared the barrel during the call for subsidy removal? Where are the women that cried and wailed for change!!! Where are the mothers that fed their wards tales of a better Nigeria? Why are the mothers pretending like this pang is usual and expected? Is their any drop of milk of passion left in your breasts? Nigeria is wailing and groaning in pain, have the women any respite for us as we celebrate them?

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The world sleeps not

The world sleeps not

Either in anger or rot

It stays awake to see the end

The end of itself?

Rather the end of us all

When we are no more

It’s rot and wrath will stall

Whichever comes first

The world sleeps not in wait

For whatever comes early or late

Time Up!

TIME UP – How Hard is it to Understand?


Addressing an almost divided nation at this material time in Hausa is insensitive of Mr. President.

I don’t think President Buhari has good advisers who have the interest of the nation and the success of his administration at heart.

PMB never misses any opportunity to further destroy what is already damaged considering how his attempts to salvage situations often backfire on his administration.

The Nigeria budget size question is:

“How long will it take Nigerians to understand that PMB’s holding on to power is not patriotic of him since he is incapacitated by his ill health to serve as President and Commander in Chief?”

What is the definition of incapacitation if I may ask? He doesn’t have the physical strength and mental agility to carry on as President except we just want to carry on like this to satisfy sectional politics and ethnic power play.

I understand many people will say, he is saying this because he is Yoruba and the Vice President who should take over from PMB is Yoruba. I don’t play ethnic politics and for the purpose of clarity, I believe it is the devil that has bewildered us as a Nation.

Nigerians must help Mr. President to come to that decision by outrightly telling him that:

” We love him, we trust him, we believe he has great plans for Nigeria but his health and wellbeing is important to him and his family and we will encourage him to step aside in the interest of the country”

We need to be wise, no nation develops on sentiments. We must actively engage our resources through visionary and ACTIVE leadership to get out of our current economic, social, political quagmire.

Nigeria can be great and will be great.

Olakunle Ajayi is a Grant Management Expert | International Development Expert | Community Mobilizer & Influencer

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Oyo State Branch inaugrates new chapters

Our alumni association continues her steady walk to greatness as the Oyo state branch inaugurates new chapters. It will be recalled that the National Executive of the association had promised to ensure a vibrant association that will be a platform for all alumnus of the Federal College of Education Special to relate on social and professional levels on ways to strengthen the chord that binds us by giving back to our alma mater. That was not to be an easy task.

The first major challenge was the fact that in more than 30 years of her existence the association does not have a template to fall back on. Against all odds, the National executive, guided by the existing constitution, inaugurated the premier branch on September 24th 2016. The new branch keyed into the spirit and purpose of the National executive and on the 1st of October, 2016 the Iseyin chapter of the association was inaugurated amidst funfair.

Truth be told, it is not easy appealing to people’s sense of commitment to a not-for-profit cause in the midst of recession. This notwithstanding, the Oyo state branch inaugurated the Oyo West and Atiba Local Governments chapters on the 14th of January at the Ultimate Events Centre, Oyo. This clearly shows the enduring spirit of commitment that the college impacts on her products.

These bold steps have been a source of challenge to all that have that deep cravings to give back to the society and especially the college that made them.

Plans are underway to inaugurate branches across the South-West before the middle of the year. So, if you are an alumnus anywhere in Nigeria or in diaspora, call on other alumnus around and lets get it started near you.

Long live our Alma mater.

Being Busayo – 3

I confessed to Caro and told her my fear. She scolded me never to keep such away from her. “Busayo, you are like a family to me, I tell you everything. No dey keep such things from me. Or you think sey I go collect your boyfriend?” We laughed over it and she took me to one of Emma’s friend who ran a chemist. I was very shy and ashamed as Caro narrated my ordeal to him. To make me feel relaxed Eno told me how he lost his virginity at a brothel. He lamented how the lady was busy playing snake on her Nokia 1100 while he toiled pitifully to satisfy his lust. The embarrassing thing wasn’t his ability to impact the woman sexually but the embarrassment that followed. As he made to sneak out of the brothel the ashawo called on him to come and pick his pants, he ran away without looking back. I felt relaxed as we laughed over it. He gave me some drugs saying he was not sure I was pregnant as by his calculation of my last menstruation I should be in my safe period. Indeed, I was or the drug was effective because I saw my menstruation later that month. I had learned a terrible lesson and decided I was never going to fall into any man’s bed without my head.

Some months to my freedom I decided to visit my mother’s family somewhere in Osun state. I had never been there so I decided to leave early but it was one of those Fridays when Redeemed Church had their monthly programme so I was stuck in traffic for more than six hours. We were told MFM too had program on the same day. I had calculated that I would be in Ede latest by 2 pm but I was in the static traffic until 6pm. I got to Ede after ten and by then my Nokia phone was dead. I had managed the phone Caro gave me hoping it would last me for about eight hours, of course it did but I was late. I showed the address I was given to some people and realized where I was going was outside Ede and there was no vehicle going that direction for the night. A bike man volunteered to take me round town to see if I could get bus at other parks, his efforts were futile. It became obvious I must find a place to pass the night then the bike man volunteered that I follow him home and stay with his sister. He spoke a lot about trust and how people have betrayed it. He told me incidents of missing people later found with missing body parts around the area. I was suspicious of his offer but the thought of been kidnapped in a strange town was more scary, I decided to follow him to his family.

We got to his place at almost midnight and almost everybody in the house was asleep. He introduced me to the old woman that opened the main door to us and told her I would be spending the night because I could not get a bus going to my destination. The woman welcomed me warmly and asked if I would like to eat anything but I declined. He took me to a room which he said belonged to his sister but there was no one in the room. It was a dimly lit room with a medium size bed on the floor. I was so tired and he asked whether I needed several things which I declined- a bath, cover cloth, food, water, everything. He bid me sweet dreams and left. I must have fallen asleep immediately I lay on the bed because I could not remember anything I did after he left until deep in the night or towards dawn when I felt someone touching me or should I say caressing me.

I turned and rose up in fear. Several things came to my head in those split seconds; are they preparing me for a sacrifice or the bike guy whose name I have decided to forget was trying to rape or lure me into sex? The latter was obvious. My weakened nerves were forced into top gear in a few seconds…


HAPPY NEW YEAR. It shall be a year of prosperity and surplus for us and our nation. Everything shall work together for our good and we will be happy in the new year.

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